Glasstec »engineered transparency«

editor 02. September 2010 Veranstaltung


The international conference »engineered transparency« at glasstec offers a unique opportunity to combine presentations about advanced glass technologies in architecture and structural engineering with exhibited world leading technology in glass production, processing and products. The international conference consists of the two parts engineering-session and architectural-session


Engineered Transparency 2010. International conference about glass, facade and solar energy at glasstec

Messe Düsseldorf
29 September - 1 October 2010

29 September - 30 September 2010


The two-day engineering-session aims to present research and latest developments on the architectural and structural use of glass construction, facade engineering and solar technology. All engineers, designers, architects and researches are invited to participate at the conference.

The topics of the engineering-session

Glass Construction Strength and stability, Laminates and composite designs, Curved and bent glass

Facade Engineering          Building envelope, Projects case studies, Architectural design and lighting

Solar Technology    Building Integration, Architectural design, Projects and case studies, Latest developments

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Simultaneous interpreting of all reports into English and German!

Keynote speakers

· James O'Callaghan, B Eng (Hons) CEng MIStructE
eckersley o'callaghan

· Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers
Knippers Helbig, Beratende Ingenieure

· Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Sobek
Werner Sobek Ingenieure

· Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich Wörner
Chairman of the Executive Board of the German Aerospace Center (DLR)