Bauhaus Kolleg - XIII After Levittown – Application procedure is up and running

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Bauhaus Kolleg - XIII After Levittown – Application procedure is up and running

When, in the course of the global financial crisis of 2008, the American developer Levitt & Sons had to declare bankruptcy, not only its creditors had their dream of owning a retirement home in a gated community shattered, a collective dream got shattered since Levittown had made possible the ‘American way of life’: For over 60 years it had been lived out in suburbia.

In the 1950s, the developer Levitt & Sons built planned communities, so-called Levittowns in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which consisted of more than 20,000 single-family houses as well as community buildings, schools, shopping centres, sports facilities and cultural facilities. Levittown provided homes primarily to ex servicemen returning from World War II and their families, thereby benefiting greatly from federal government supports for housing. Levitt mass-produced those homes cheaply and efficiently, realizing on a grand scale what its European colleagues from the Bauhaus had anticipated back in the 1920s with the Törten Estate in Dessau. The new Bauhaus Kolleg will take Levittown, the role model of American suburbia, and the fate of its latest developments as the starting point of a comparative international study on the economic, social and cultural implications of a global suburbia. The Bauhaus Kolleg XIII will furthermore develop critical creative approaches to this form of housing which today is no longer economically and ecologically viable.

The Kolleg is aimed at qualified designers and scientists in the fields of architecture, city planning, the visual arts, media- and product design, landscape architecture, sociology, cultural studies and the humanities. Participation is limited to a maximum of 25 people, who will grow together as a group through intensive research, excursions that last several weeks as well as joint publications. This work will lay the foundation stone for future collaborations. Quite frequently the international reputation of the program has allowed participants to advance professionally.

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