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editor 24. September 2012 Veranstaltung

TU Berlin Campus Wedding
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
Gebäude 13B
Hörsaal 13B-B
Thu 18.10.12/Fri 19.10.12

Shell Pioneers
An International Symposium in Commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Franz Dischinger
Franz Dischinger (1887–1953) is an
indisputably significant 20th-century civil
engineer. Many aspects in connection with
his work are still unknown, such as the wider
context of his activity in thin concrete shell
design and construction. Research on prewar
thin concrete shell construction usually
focuses on national engineering heroes.
The extensive cross-border exchange of
information on the latest technical improvements,
however, makes it fairly implausible
that these engineers were unaffected by
the developments in other countries.
The symposium “Shell Pioneers” wants to
close this knowledge gap. A group of leading
experts will therefore discuss the international
dimension in the work of some of the most
important innovators in the field of early thin
shell construction. Special attention will be
paid to the role of Dischinger, whose theoretical
and practical work was so widely influential.
Thursday 18.10.12
Franz Dischinger: New Aspects
of the Life and Work of a Civil
Engineering Master
Roland May, BTU Cottbus
Presentation in the course of the
lecture series „Praktiken & Potenziale
von Bautechnikgeschichte“
Reception in the historic
Friday 19.10.12
Welcome addresses
Mike Schlaich, TU Berlin
Werner Lorenz, BTU Cottbus
From Biebrich into the World:
The Dissemination of
the Zeiss-Dywidag System
Werner Lorenz, BTU Cottbus
Roland May, BTU Cottbus
The Autarchic Origins of
the Italian Thin Shells
Tullia Iori, Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Pioneer Concrete Shells in Spain
Pepa Cassinello,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Conoids and Hypars: Early Thin Shell
Design in France and Benelux
Bernard Espion,
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Anton Tedesko: The Communicator
Jörg Schlaich, Berlin
Shells Today
Mike Schlaich, TU Berlin
Discussion: The Future of
Thin Concrete Shells —
Learning from History?
Moderator: Arndt Goldack, TU Berlin
Regular participation in the symposium on 18th –19th October 2012 is offered free of charge. A donation of 30 Euro for catering during the symposium and other expenses is, however,
requested and may be paid on site. Students are exempted from this request. All participants are kindly asked to register until 1 October 2012 at
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