2014 Docomomo International Conference in Seoul

editor 25. Dezember 2013 Veranstaltung

Dear all,

In preparation for the 2014 Docomomo International Conference in Seoul, we would like to gather information from architecture, planning, design, and conservation education programs around the world. This conference will emphasize the need for sustainable practices in the preservation of modern architecture. We would like to learn more about how the idea of sustainability is taught and practiced at your institution, to better inform the conference workshops and panels.

Please complete the following brief survey [or forward it to relevant program faculty/staff]. The survey is available both in English and Spanish. Your answers will help us to create conference programs that best serve the needs of students and professionals seeking to integrate conservation and sustainability.




Theodore Prudon

Chair, Docomomo ISC E+T

President, Docomomo US


DOCOMOMO International

International Specialist Committee on Education+Theory