Gdynia Conference `Modernism in Europe´, 24.-26. Sept. 2009

editor 30. August 2009 Veranstaltung

In Gdynia wird eine Konferenz sein über die Bauten der Moderne in Polen mit dem Thema „Modernism in Europe / Modernism in Gdynia – First half 20th century architecture and it‘s preservation“, 24.-26. Sept. 2009, Info:

Gdynia is a very special venue for a conference on Modern Architecture. Due to the historical ups and downs, Poland restored to sovereignty after WWI, had only a tiny stretch of the Baltic coast, with no port. In 1921, following a decision of the Polish government, the construction of a deep-sea port began in Gdynia at the site of a small fishing harbour. The city rose at the same time the 1920s and 1930s no wonder its architecture and planning reflect European trends of the day. Prior to the outbreak of WWII, many outstanding modernist buildings were erected not only tenements and settlements, but also public buildings and port facilities.